"Love Comes First"

by Erica Jong

Erica Jong reads two selections from her first book of all new poems in more than a decade "Love Comes First".  This video was produced in conjuction with the book's recent release by Tarcher/Penguin.  Featured on book seller websites such as Barnes & Noble, Strand Books, Powell Books and poetry websites.




"Radio Unnameable"

Currently in production, this documentary feature film is about legendary free form FM disc jockey Bob Fass and his long running program on listener sponsored WBAI.




"Night People"

A short film featuring late night NYC radio personality Bob Fass and long time listener/taxi driver John McDonagh.  The city is alive. The airwaves are open and free. With impressionistic beauty “Night People” captures this moment in time.

"Girl Talk"from Healthination.com

16 episode multi-camera series featuring host Annabelle Gurwitch, a candid roundtable discussion amongst real women and the expert's take on each of the issues.



"A Girl And A Gun"

Currently in production, this feature length documentary film is about women's relationship with firearms and to the gun industry in the United States.



World Science Festival

30 videos for the live events and website for the 2008 World Science Festival founded by Brian Greene, Tracy Day and Alan Alda.






"Crazy Sexy Cancer"

A documentary film about a woman’s search for treatments for her rare, incurable cancer.                    

Elements Magazine

Spring 08 Fashion production.  Location, crew, casting, catering, scheduling services.        




"Off Ramp"

Published in Aventura Magazine and Noovo Magazine in 2008 Location, travel, artist representation, scheduling services.

Kitten Magazine

2008 Fashion production.Location, travel, permitting, crew organization services.