Jessica Wolfson Productions along with Lost Footage Films are a full service production houses specializing in all types of film, video and fashion photography based works.  From compelling videos and web pieces, to broadcast programs and commercials, to feature length documentaries and photography shoots, our expertise is in development, production, post production, creative consulting and marketing. 


All facets of Production including:

- Directing

- Project Development

- Scheduling

- Budgeting

- Line Producing

- Location selection/services

- Casting

- Permitting

- Creative team organization and booking

- Rights & Clearances

- Post Production Supervising

- Editing

- Creative Consulting

Film Marketing and Distribution:

We have taken a creative, out of the box approach to marketing films.  Focusing not only on the classic channels but by creating a Web 2.0 strategy of utilizing social networks and blogs and by targeting non-profit organizations and niche groups who's interests parallel the topics and themes addressed in the films.  This unique and creative approach to marketing and promotion has been a successful way for filmmakers to compete in today's difficult market. 

Camera Package Rental:

We have a full camera package including the Canon XH A1 HDV 1080i camera, Manfrotto tripod, Sennheizer boom and wireless mics, and Arri lighting package.

Editing Services:

Our Final Cut Pro 6.0.4 edit and After Effects suite along with editor is available for rent and hire.